Gamston Local Flying Area (LFA) and Procedures

The Gamston ATZ lies partly within and beneath the Doncaster Sheffield CTA-3 and CTA-6 class D airspace.  Subject to any listed restrictions, flights without reference to Doncaster ATC may be made within the confines of the LFA.

The Doncaster CTA and VRPs can be found via the Doncaster Sheffield AIP chart  here

LFA Operating Hours

The LFAs are active between 06:30 and 21:00 local.

Doncaster Runway 02 Operation

When runway 02 is in use at Doncaster Sheffield or Doncaster Radar is off line, an LFA exists within the same lateral limits as the ATZ with a vertical limit of 2000ft aal.  This lower limit is in place to provide adequate IFR separation for traffic landing on the Doncaster Sheffield runway 02.  As a result care must be exercised when joining via a standard overhead joining procedure.

Doncaster Runway 20 Operation

When runway 20 is in operation at Doncaster Sheffield, an LFA exists within the depicted are shown on the Doncaster Sheffield CTR/CTA and VRPs charts, with a vertical limit of 2500ft on the Doncaster QNH.

When active a message will be included on the Doncaster ATIS 134.950Mhz  stating the following "Gamston Local Flying Area Active"

Noise Abatement

As with all small airports we are located close to small villages, namely: Elkesley (on the approach to Rwy 03), Gamston (to the East of the ATZ), Eaton (on the approach to Rwy 21) and Markham Moor. To reduce the impact from noise, pilots are reminded not to fly overhead or nearby these built up areas

CIRCUITS – Runway 21

21 R/H Circuits 1000ft on the QFE

Climb out – maintain runway heading and track (allow for wind drift) to 1.3nm on the GAM VOR 112.80Mhz
Turn crosswind heading 290 deg.
Turn downwind heading 030 deg.
Turn base leg heading 110 deg.
Turn onto final approach heading 210 deg.

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Airport Operating Hours

Normal Operating Hours

Monday to Friday Local Time 0800-1800 (UTC 0700-1700)

Saturday to Sunday  Local Time 0900-1800 (UTC 0800-1700)

On Request Operating Hours

Monday to Friday Local Time 0600-0759 (UTC 0500-0659) and Local Time 1801-2300 (UTC 1701-2200)

Saturday and Sunday Local Time 0800-0859 (UTC 0700-0759) and Local Time 1801-2100 (UTC 1701-2000).

Outside of these hours (unless on request or an emergency flight) their will be no airport services, including any means of alerting the emergency services.  Access to and from the aerodrome is restricted. Emergency Flights H24 by prior arrangement.

Bank Holidays

The airport will be open between Local Time 09:00 - 18:00, with the exception of Christmas day and New Year's day were the airport will be closed.  For details on when The Apron is closed please refer to the The Apron web page for further details.

For further details please contact the Airport Manager Tel +44 (0)1777 838521 Ext.5 or click here to email us

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